Weight Training for Beginners

Weight training for beginners can be confusing. The different kinds of weights, exercises, and routines can be scary.

Weight training is one of the best methods of strength training! If you want to start weight training safely and effectively, with the best info, diet, and routines, check out the 5 Day Beginner Weight Training Course!

But really, weight training is very simple.

These articles will help you find the weights and routine that work best for you. And they'll show you how to harness your raw desire to get the best results and greatest increases in strength!

Two Basic Weight Training Routines

Weight training for beginners: how to start working out right.

Here're two basic weight training routines to get you started on your path to strength. One focuses on overall strength, and the other focuses on building power.

They are made up of solid, big lifts. Try them out and start getting stronger.

Free Weight Training Guide

This free weight training guide will give you an overview of how to start weight training: why to start, routines to train, and guidelines for effective training. Check it out!

The Definition of Weight Training Sets and Reps

If you need to find out what sets and reps are, check this page out. It's got some simple definitions of weight training nomenclature so you can get started right away.

Weight Lifting Foods To Build Muscle

This article outlines what kinds of foods to eat to get the most out of your weight lifting: kinds of foods, when to eat them, and recommendations for supplements to try that will actually work.

Free Weight Training Exercises

Use these free weight training exercises to get you started. They show the correct form for doing squats, bench presses, lunges, and tons of other exercises!

Weight Training with Dumbbells - Part 1

Why should you do weight training with dumbbells? What are some tips for getting the most out of your dumbbell workout? What's a good routine for weight training for beginners?

If you're asking any or all of those questions, get your answers right here ;-)

And Weight Lifting Dumbbells - Part 2

In this article we'll look at variations to try in your workouts, where to buy dumbbells, and specifics for developing the muscles and strength (or power) that you want with dumbbells.

Weight Training at Home

What should you think abut when weight training at home? Buy that expensive home exercise equipment first, or get into a regular routine?

If you want to begin doing weight training at home, check this page out. It has all the info you need to get started on the right foot and see if this is for you.

Your Weight Training Frequency: Doing It Right

The just-right weight training frequency leaves you sore a lot of the time, but always stronger for when you go back to the gym. Here's how to get that just-right frequency for you.

That best frequency is the one that will balance your fire to workout with the calmness to plan how you'll get stronger - and the rest to build muscle. Together, these will give you the best results from your workouts.

Super Slow Weight Training
Slow, Serious, and Successful

Super slow weight training is great for an intense workout that's also safe. This article's about how to go slow and serious with your workouts.

This is a great kind of weight training for beginners since it allows you to focus on correct form for the exercises. Also, you work with really heavy weights, leading to great strength gains.

Another Tool - Weight Training Super Sets

Super sets are another great tool for fully fatiguing your muscles. Use just a few, or make them your entire workout.

Weight Training For Teenagers

This article covers how safe it is to do weight training as a teenager, what the best ways to train are, and the unique advantages and disadvantages teens have. Useful, direct information.

Free PDF Free-Weight Training Schedule
For Beginners

This training schedule hits the lower and upper body on separate days, laying out a complete weekly training plan. There's also a PDF of the schedule you can download.

Lifting Weights to Lose Weight? Well...

Thinking of doing some weight training for beginners to lose some weight? Check out whether or not it works, and how you should go about doing it if it's your cup of tea.

Essentials of Weight Training Technique

Six general guidelines for correct weight training technique. Many benefits of physical fitness focus on lifting heavy weights, and technique often gets short shrift.

This article deals with the importance of good technique. After all, it's no good for anyone if you get hurt!

Good technique if essential if you don't want to get injured. And take it from someone who's been too raring to go but didn't have the form, it HURTS. So, get good technique and use it.

The Symptoms of Overtraining:
Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Overtraining can injure you and stop your workout routine cold. Find out the symptoms of overtraining so you can avoid it, or notice it early and nip it in the bud!

Build Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers!

Learn your different muscle fiber types, and how to build more fast twitch muscle fibers! You know, those premium grade muscle fibers that your strength and power depend on.

5 Ways To Build Muscle Fast - Part 1

Want to build muscle fast? This article series clarifies how to get the most out of weight training for beginners to put on muscle - fast!

Part 1 focuses on creating the perfect training stimulus to put on muscle.

5 Fast Muscle Gain Secrets - Part 2

More directions for fast muscle gain. Part 2 focuses on how to maximize your recovery from your weight training, so that you put on as much muscle as possible.

5 Fast Muscle Building Secrets - Part 3

Part 3 of the Muscle Building Secrets Series focuses on how best to show off your body, and how to refine your mindset so to put on as much muscle as possible. A little esoteric, but actually very valuable.

The Weight Training System That Works Best For YOU

What are the components of a good program for weight training for beginners? And how can you develop a weight training plan that works? And what is a fractal workout schedule? Take a look at this article to find the answers!

Your Workout Motivation... Is It More Fun Than A Barrel of Kittens?

If you're feeling down and don't feel like working out... Check out this article! It has the best tips around for keeping up your motivation, as well as the most inspiring exercise kittens on the internet.

Weight Training For Speed: Do It Right!

Weight training for beginners isn't the same as weight training for speed. But once you've got the basics down, get faster.

5 Strength Training EBooks I Like Most

These are the 5 strength training ebooks that actually helped me to get strong. Most of what's out there is crap; but these will actually accelerate your training.

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Weight Training for Beginners


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"About 2 weeks ago I read all the ab strengthening stuff on your site because I decided I wanted to be strong, instead of having a lot of belly fat. So I started eating healthier, running, exercising, you name it - everything your site said to do to help. Now I am noticing a real difference! Thank you for making this. :D xD"
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[This calorie calculator is] the most useful tool on the web that I can find… Also, I compared the calories calculated by your calculator to the calories calculated by the treadmill at my gym, and they're within a couple calories of each other, so yours is as accurate as we're going to get. REALLY AWESOME TOOL. I love it and depend on it. Thank you sooooo much for making this available."
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Thank you very much, I was too lean before 2 years (55 Kgs), after the gym now I'm 72kgs, all the muscles have developed... when someone hand shakes with me it can be squeezed easily, they're making fun of me!
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