Lifting Weights to Lose Weight? Well...

Put simply, lifting weights to lose weight is a great idea! Here are some thoughts on how to make sure you drop weight and move more towards looking like a Greek god.

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1. Lifting Weights to Lose Weight
Works Best When You Watch Your Diet Too

Lifting weights to lose weight can work wonders.

Weight training can be an excellent part of your program for losing weight, but it's not everything. Without watching what you eat, you probably won't see much of a difference.

To lose weight, you need to take in less calories than you expend during the day. Lifting weights is a great way to exercise, but it's not the only way.

And if you are eating more calories than you need, you will gain weight (just like you normally do).

If you eat slightly below the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight and you lift weights that's the way to get fast results. Discipline, hard work, and attacking your extra fat from three different angles - giving it no place to go but off your body!

2. Lifting Weights Speeds Up Your Metabolism

It's true. Lifting weights speeds up your metabolism after you do the weight lifting, because your body is tired from the exercise and rebuilding muscle.

Also, this new muscle burns calories just sitting there not even exercising. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn, and your continued weight lifting will make you burn even more calories. :-)

Get the picture?

3. Lifting Weights Changes Your Body Composition

Kinda freaky, but true. Your body will actually change to add more muscle.

And I'm guessing that you're actually less concerned with how much you weigh than with how much your fat is weighing. If you're a guy who's 5'3", like me, it matters little to me whether I weight 120, 130, or 140 pounds – it matters far more whether or not that weight is in lean muscle or fat.

I'd much rather weigh more and have a lower body fat percentage than weigh less and have a higher body fat percentage.


When you're lifting weights to lose weight, focus on getting ripped and lowering your body fat percentage rather than on just dropping pounds on the scale.

4. Do Big, Whole Body Exercises First
Sculpt Later (If At All)

Weight training is good, but bicep curls aren't the ticket. Fatiguing your biceps won't burn as many calories as wearing out your whole legs with squats and deadlifts.

When you start, do big lifts - I'm fond of the bench press, shoulder press, squat, and deadlift. If you still have energy after that, do some curls or ab crunches - but not until you're thoroughly tired from the big lifts.

5. Now Get Off Your Butt and Start Lifting To Drop Pounds

So, you've been confronted with excellent evidence of why lifting weights to lose weight is a yes. A few final thoughts before you rush out to start lifting heavy objects...

First, ladies won't end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger just because they lift some weights. The testosterone isn't there to build enormous muscles and for both guys and girls, bulking up with too much muscle is very hard to do.

Next, you have to work hard. Make sure you're sore after every workout.

Just like anything else in life, if you make only a half-hearted attempt then you'll only get half-hearted results. You are better than that.

Finally, losing weight no matter what the method is rarely a linear process. There will be setbacks along the way. As long as you accept this and keep relentlessly moving forward, you'll be fine.

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