Body Weight Exercises

don't want to) use weights to get stronger, body weight exercises are just for you. With only your body (and sometimes a bar), you can do excellent strength training.

Weight training is one of the best methods of strength training! If you want to start weight training safely and effectively, with the best info, diet, and routines, check out the 5 Day Beginner Weight Training Course!

These exercises are designed to give you a solid foundation to work from. They strengthen your upper and lower body, use pushing and pulling movements, and can be used to work cardio or strength.

You already have your body. Now learn to use it.

Strength Training at Home - 9 Great Ideas

Body weight exercises, like the one arm push up, give you another way to build strength!

Going to a gym can be expensive, it's time consuming to get there, and it's hard to fit into your schedule. So, try working out at home!

These ideas will help you get the most out of your workouts at home. And that will help keep you motivated for your body weight exercises at home.

Push-ups - An Awesome Basic Chest Exercise

Push-ups are the most basic exercise without equipment around. This article takes you through correct push-up form and gives some suggestions for your workouts.

There are also many different variations on the basic push-up that target different parts of your upper body. See which one fits you best, check it out, and go do it!

Pull Up Exercise - For Your Arms and Back

Pull ups are a great back exercise and they tire out your arms, too. All you need is a bar to get going.

Learning how to do pull ups, getting fun and interesting variations, and finding ways to increase (or decrease) the difficulty of the pull ups, are all in the article above. If you want to find out about pull ups, it's your ticket.

Chin Ups - Arms, Shoulders, And Chest

After pull ups, chin ups are another excellent upper body exercise. Easier than pull ups, they focus more on the lats and chest than on the back muscles.

Chin ups are a great way to work up to pull ups, or to just do on their own. Try them out and see how sore you can get.

Burpees - Two Body Weight Exercises in One
For Stamina and Endurance!

Burpee exercise is full body aerobic exercise that incorporates push ups and jump squats. Here's the correct technique for burpees and different kinds that'll keep them interesting and new.

One of the reasons burpees are such a capital exercise is their explosiveness! You're not gonna be doing these puppies slow; it'll have be intense.

Learn The Jump Squat: Why And How To

Jump squats build strong, explosive, leg strength. But, they can also produce a lot of impact on the knees - so always use good technique. Learn how to do them correctly right here.

Single Leg Squats: Get The Pointers You Need

Single leg squats are another great body weight exercise for your lower body. You'll need to work up to them gradually and develop some balance - and this article tells you exactly how to do that!

Which Doorway Pull Up Bar Is The Best?

Find out which doorway pull up bar is best for you. There are many different styles out there, and a lot of drek on the market.

Split Squats: Lower-Body Stability, Strength,
and Power

Split squats are an awesome exercise for lower body strength and full body stability. Find out how to do them, get everything you can out of them - and not hurt yourself!

Why I Use Hindu Squats For Lower Body Power

Hindu squats are a great way to build massive lower body strength, as well as stability, balance, and teach yourself lower-to-upper body power transfer. They're a little weird, but they work great!

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Now you've got everything you need to get stronger. The exercises and knowledge, plus your body, give you the feeling and understanding that you can get strong. And now you can.

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