Your Six Pack Stomach - How To Get It!

OK, lets get you a six pack stomach. You're motivated to get it, otherwise you wouldn't be here, so lets get going!

Weight training is one of the best methods of strength training! If you want to start weight training safely and effectively, with the best info, diet, and routines, check out the 5 Day Beginner Weight Training Course!

You need to get 3pieces of the puzzle right before you can get your ripped abs:diet, cardio, andstrength training. Once you've got those parts figured out, you'll soon see those ripped, washboard abs.

If you want a complete and structured six pack plan, though, check out my How to Get Abs e-book. It contains exact, step-by-step instructions for how to get ripped, with precise exercise and diet info.

The "I Want Six Pack Abs!" Guide

How to get your own HOT six pack stomach!

These tips for a rock solid core will get you started in the right direction. Know everything about what you're trying to do.

Simply, it's all the ingredients in the recipe to make your own washboard abs from scratch. Check it out!

The Six Pack Stomach Exercise Program

You want to build up your abs? Here's your workout! This plan is all about exercising to get your very own six pack.

The workout includes normal weight lifting, ab work, and running. These work together to make you look more cut and build your abs into a mountain range!

Six Pack in a Week?

There're a lot of slick marketing pitches out there. And for the time pressed, get your six pack in a week!

Actually, it's not that easy to get a six pack. And if you want them in a week, you may not need a six pack stomach - a boost of confidence in your body image would do more good.

The 6 Pack Abs Diet - Part 1

Without eating the right foods in the right amounts, you'll never see you six pack abs. They'll remain buried under that unflattering tummy fat.

But, if you eat good foods you'll see those ripped abs soon. This articles shows you what kind of well-balanced diet you need.

The Six Pack Diet - Part 2

This is the second part of the six pack diet article. It's more specific info about calorie counting and how much to eat.

Even if you eat carrots and fish all day long you can still get fat, even though those foods are healthy. Watch the amount of calories you eat and simply balance it with the number you should be eating to keep active.

Get a Six Pack Fast-
Running to Burn the Fat Off

Once you've started eating right, you gotta work on burning off the fat you already have. And running is a great form of cardio to do it!

You can run almost anywhere, and anyone can do it. It's the perfect cardio exercise for dropping your belly fat.

The Body Fat Caliper Formula,
to Stay on Track!

Feedback is vital to getting anything done in life. For a six pack stomach, this is doubly true. You MUST know if your plan is working.

This article tells you how to keep track of your body-fat percentage by the week. That way, you can see the progress you're making and stay focused and motivated.

Essential Details to Getting 8 Pack Abs

If you're ambitious you'll go for 8 pack abs after you carve out your six pack. You'll learn the specific exercises and dietary guidelines to get even more chiseled. It's more work and discipline, but it also looks damn good too.

Only consider this after you've got a six pack. Why? You need the cut, low body fat foundation to get the last two abs to stand out.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Want to know how to lose belly fat? Go here!

These simple suggestions will compliment your six pack abs workout and help your drop those pounds faster. Check it out, and learn something new ;-)

The Female Six Pack Abs Advice You Need

For ladies out there who want six pack abs, read this! It focuses on the few differences between men's and women's ab workouts, and how to make up for them.

The Six Pack Teen

So, you're a teenager and want a six pack? Look no further! This info tell you the advantages you have right now for getting your ripped abs, as well as common challenges & what to do about them.

7 Six Pack Abs Tips!

Need extra motivation and to give a sharper edge to your training? Try these tips and find out how they can kick your training into high gear.

Get Ripped Abs Fast!

This is for you speed-demons out there. A guide for how to get you six pack stomach faster.

But be warned - you'll be doing the same work to get those abs, but packed into less time. Simply, it's more intense.

Creating Your Full Six Pack Body:
How To Do It

This article contains more ideas and info on how to get a six pack, along with info about how to build up your body to show your ripped abs off the best. And you did get them to show them off just a bit, right?

Hydrostatic Weighing
Everything You Need To Know

Hydrostatic weighing, also called 'underwater weighing', is the most accurate way to measure your body fat. It involves weighing yourself normally and then in water, as well as finding out how much water your body displaces (with some help from Archimedes' Principle).

If you're not interested in the math, at least take a look to find out how to measure your own body fat percentage this way. It's super accurate, a great way to track your fat burning en route to your six pack stomach, and can be done a lot more conveniently than you might think.

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Start getting strong, and start the path to getting your own six pack. It's hard, but definitely worth it when you wake up in the morning to see the hills and valleys on your stomach ;-)

Oh, and be sure to sign up for the e-zine Starting Strong to get monthly strength training, exercise, and diet tips e-mailed to you - and access to the free e-book Train Smart, Eat Smart: Exercise Nutrition Hacks!

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"About 2 weeks ago I read all the ab strengthening stuff on your site because I decided I wanted to be strong, instead of having a lot of belly fat. So I started eating healthier, running, exercising, you name it - everything your site said to do to help. Now I am noticing a real difference! Thank you for making this. :D xD"
~ Julia

[This calorie calculator is] the most useful tool on the web that I can find… Also, I compared the calories calculated by your calculator to the calories calculated by the treadmill at my gym, and they're within a couple calories of each other, so yours is as accurate as we're going to get. REALLY AWESOME TOOL. I love it and depend on it. Thank you sooooo much for making this available."
~ Galit Sharon Marcus

Thank you very much, I was too lean before 2 years (55 Kgs), after the gym now I'm 72kgs, all the muscles have developed... when someone hand shakes with me it can be squeezed easily, they're making fun of me!
~ Tamil Arasan