Working Out When You Are Out Of Shape And Broke!

by Melissa
(Ohio )

I have started to think a lot more about my fitness and health in the last few years. I have been doing some "working out" at my home with some kettlebells left by the previous owner.

I had some work out DVD's but it was getting boring working out alone. I looked into some gym memberships but they were expensive and honestly I didn't know if I would stick with it long term. My daughter lives near by and we started walking. And in Ohio the weather varies so much sometimes its just plain uncomfortable to walk outdoors. Our summers and very hot and humid and the winters, long and cold.

My daughter recently moved into an apartment complex which included a club house with a workout facility which is free for the residents and their guests. The novelty had worn off with the current residents and the place was almost empty most of the day. We plan our workouts late at night and can enjoy all the equipment and the indoor pool all too ourselves.

We started out slow using the treadmills and elliptical machines and the stationary bikes. We would limit ourselves to each machine 5-10 minutes each night. It's much more fun with a partner and we challenge each other and sure sometimes we over do it. But, we have learned to slow down and just have fun. We play old corny music and laugh and talk during the workout sessions.

My son-in-law eventually started joining us as my daughter was telling him all the fun we were having. We make sure to drink plenty of water and never forget the crazy mix CD's we have made.
Nothing like singing "Barbie Girl" or "Folsom Prison Blues" while you are working out.

I think because we are not "serious" and are taking it slow it makes it so much more enjoyable. I won't say we haven't woken up the next day and said to ourselves "I am not going to do that again for awhile". But, a hot shower and a few Advil later we are back at it again.

We have been watching our diets and eating more salads and less french fries and I am noticing we are all losing weight. I am sure we are all doing our bodies tremendous favors.

I have to say the ability to use this fabulous workout center for free is wonderful. As I said, we go late at night and there is never anyone to bother us or get in the way. Sure we might not have personal trainers and juice and muffin bars but it's so much cheaper and if we can't show up some nights that's not a big deal.

I have also noticed I am sleeping much better and my blood pressure has gone down. Its never too late to start. I am 42 and I am doing just fine!

Again, drink plenty of fluids (especially water) and dress appropriately. You need to have nice supportive shoes but they need not be expensive. I have a pair of twenty five dollar New Balance running shoes and they are fine. So find a workout partner and get busy!

Eat right (or at least better), and check with your doctor if you have any pre-workout heart concerns. Your body will thank you with better health and a longer life.

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