TRX Training Anywhere

by Carlos
(North Carolina)

I am an active duty Soldier with the 82nd airborne. I came home from my second 15 month deployment in July 2010. While I was deployed I used the TRX straps in my FOB (forward operating base) throughout the whole deployment.

I love my TRX straps because of their small size, portability, and ease of use. Within seconds of taking my straps out of the bag, I was ready to workout. I had a very erratic schedule while deployed so I couldn't go to the gyms.

The TRX straps helped me get a workout anywhere. I liked doing tricep and chest exercises the most. I didn't have to have any extra equipment other than the straps and my body weight and I could get a good workout in a's little as 15 minutes.

They are made out of very tough cordura material and are very hard to break. They even come with a DVD and book to help you get into shape and to teach you all the many exercises you can perform on the TRX straps. I really enjoyed learning the moves. I already knew most of the workouts but if you are a beginner you will learn the moves and also proper form so you don't hurt yourself. They are well worth the money.

Mine were accidentally cut, but they were sown back together and they work totally fine. I will continue to use my straps back here in the US and will definitely take them with me on my next deployment.

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