Endomorph: Sturdy and Big Boned

An endomorph has large bone structure, a wide waist, and stores fat well. Round curves through-out the whole body; Rubenesque.

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Endo's are one of William Sheldon's three somatotypes. The other two are mesomorph and ectomorph.

Textbook Characteristics Of Mesomorphs

An endomorph is big boned and puts on fat easily.
  • Wide waist and hips, narrow shoulders.[1]
  • Low level of motivation; relaxed disposition.[2][3]
  • Large bone structure.
  • Strong lower body.[4]
  • Gains weight, especially fat, easily.

More (Supposed) Info About Endo's

Endo's have a higher body fat to muscle mass ratio.[5] This has to do with the build of your body, as well as the fact that endo's tend to have slow metabolisms.[6]

The fat tends to collect on your abs, butt, hips, and thighs.[7] Spot removal of fat (i.e. doing crunches to burn ab fat) doesn't work, so just make sure to do aerobic exercise or weight lifting to stay healthy.

But, endo's have very strong lower bodies! If you're lifting weights, you'll probably do very well on squats, deadlifts, and other exercises that benefit from lower body strength.[8]

One thing to keep in mind is that people are rarely pure endo, ecto, or mesomorph. You are most likely a mix of the three somatotypes.

But, Don't Trust Your Body Type!

Above are listed all the classical attributes of endomorphic body type people.

But your body type is not set in stone.

The American psychologist William Sheldon's three body type classification of people was developed in the 1940s and 50s. He was a psychologist, not a doctor, and I have issues with his sampling techniques.

NOTE: His subjects were all entering freshmen at Ivy League collages (not representative of the general population). Also, he assigned personality types to people based on their body type - A COMPLETE LOAD OF BOLLOCKS!

If you're an endomorph, the 'endo' term is fine as a educated way of saying, "Yea, I have a strong lower body and put on fat easily." But you are not sentenced to being an endo by genetics or the whims of fate!!!

If you watch your diet and workout, there's no reason you can't get muscular and ripped!

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