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Where's the best place to find cheapkettlebells? You've gotten jazzed about trying kettlebells, or maybe you already have a few and are looking to get more - so where's the best, cheapest, place to buy them?

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For something that's just a spherical lump of iron with a handle, kettelbells can be surprisingly expensive. And there are tons of different makers, distributors, and suppliers…

Luckily (for you) I had the same problem. I'm a cheapskate, and wanted to find kettlebells that I could afford and wouldn't break the bank.

This is an overview of different options for buying your kettlebells - from making your own in your garage, to the best sites on the internet to find cheap kettlebells.

Are Homemade Kettlebells Worth It?

Of course, the ultimate way to save money is to make your own kettlebells. There are a variety of recipes online, but most of them boil down to using cement & some form of mold (soccer ball, basket ball, etc.) to make them.

And that can definitely work, if you're handy and have the time. The perfect solution to not spending a fortune.


I don't have the time to try making my own kettlebell, and I've never been particularly handy with my hands. Also, if I tried to make it and screwed up, made an unusable kettlebell, etc. that would be time and effort just wasted.

It might not be constructed well and break on you. And the all-important handle might be too rough, and rip up your hands.

I'm not saying you shouldn't ever try to make your own. But gage how much time and effort you want to spend on this project - it might be a better investment of energy to just buy one.

If you are going to buy one...

An Overview Of Different Kettelbell Prices

As it happens, I've recently been looking for a new kettlebell for my own training. I've been working with a 35 lb. (16 Kg) one for a while now and want to move up to a 44 lb. (20 Kg) one.

Most of the cheap kettlebells I found weren't actually cheap - just not as expensive as others. It was confusing to keep looking at different websites, trying to compare prices, judge quality, etc.


The two tables below are the results of my research, scouring the web for the cheapest quality kettlebells I could find. These are for 35 lb. kettlebells (the weight recommended for most men to start at) as well as the next size up that I've been looking at - 44 lb.

Check them out (they open in new windows)

Kettlebell Retailer's Prices

35 lb. Kettlebell
44 lb. Kettlebell
RKC Kettlebell
Kettlebell USA
Art of Strength
J Fit

(40 lb. Kettlebell)
Perform Better
First Place Kettlebells
Kaizen Kettlebell
Kaizen Kettlebells
* $35.95 *
* $44.95 *

As you can see from the tables, the Kaizen kettlebells sold at BudoVideos.com are the cheapest kettlebells around. They undercut all the others on the market.

And the Kaizen kettlebells are quality, too ;-)

I myself ordered the 44 lb. Kaizen kettlebell through BudoVideos.com and it's been great. It's smooth, doesn't cause a lot of friction on my fingers, and was pretty cheap.

Of course shipping is an issues as well, but that depends heavily on where you are. And how fast you want your kettlebell, and where the supplier is located.

Just be savvy - you don't have to get your heavy package by tomorrow.


Use the research above to find cheap kettlebells for yourself. It's not that hard, and certainly affordable if you don't want to make your own.

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