7 Bodybuilding Fat Loss Techniques That Work

These 7 bodybuilding fat loss techniques are potent. They've been used by tons of bodybuilders to drop fat in a hurry before a competition.

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But while they are useful, be careful with them. Some are dangerous, and some are merely useful for losing fat fast. They aren't magic - but they are very effective.

So, here are some bodybuilding fat loss methods that will give you a bang for your buck...

Here's 8 bodybuilding fat loss methods that, if you use them intelligently, actually work really well.


Dieting is a major component of fat loss. If you don't control what you eat, then it will be very hard to lose weight. Here are some useful tips for bodybuilding for fat loss...

1. Count Your Calories!

This is the ultimate method that bodybuilders use to lose weight. It doesn't matter how well organized your diet is, low carb or Ornish or vegan - if you're not eating less, you won't lose weight.

Every bodybuilding fat loss technique revolves around special ways to control what you're eating within the context of counting calories. That way you control exactly how much you're eating, and how much fat you will lose.

2. Six Small Meals A Day

I've written about this technique elsewhere, and frankly it's not very effective. You can definitely use it to lose fat, but it won't work much better than any other meal timing method.

If you're counting calories, this method allows you to eat throughout the day - which many people like. But you never get to eat a big, satiating meal, which also has its downsides.

However, tons of bodybuilders have used this technique successfully. So, try it!

3. High Rep Workouts

High repetition (rep) workouts are also used by bodybuilders for fat loss. Those workouts are designed not just to tire your muscles, but to burn lots of calories.

Also, high rep workouts deplete the muscles of their stored sugars (glycogen). Thus, after these workouts your muscles will look smaller and be drained. Only after you eat more carbohydrates (sugars; grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.) will your muscles once again acquire the 'pumped' look.

4. Low Carbohydrate Diets

Low carbohydrate diets have been used by bodybuilders and others to help accelerate fat loss. The most famous one is the Atkins Diet, but anything that limits carbohydrates falls into this category.

Low carbohydrate diets have several advantages. They can cut down on cravings if you're used to a higher carbohydrate diet with lots of grains and pastries, and (as long as you're eating less) you can lose fat faster, since your body will get used to using fat as a fuel.

5. 'Bulking' and 'Cutting'

Most bodybuilders do 'bulking' and 'cutting' sections of their training. Bulking is when they lift heavy and eat a lot, creating a good environment for growing muscle. And cutting is when they diet down to lose fat and expose their muscle.

'Bulking' helps bodybuilders lose fat by giving them an 'out'. When you're dieting down you know that you'll have a time in a few weeks (or months) when you can eat freely again. This is a huge mental help.


Supplements are, for the most part, expensive garbage. They allow you to think you're doing something productive, when in actuality what you need is good work and a sound plan.

However, there are a few supplements and combinations that can actually help. As long as you have your fundamentals in line. ;-)

6. ECA Stack

The ECA stack is a supplement combination that's pretty effective for fat loss. It's basically a ton of stimulants which help to mobilize fatty acids from your fat stores. This makes it easier to burn fat for fuel, as well as killing your appetite.

The 'ECA' is...

  • Ephedrine

Now, this particular combination used to be sold together in the U.S. However, due to the increased risk of heart attacks when you take this concoction, it was pulled from the market.

It's still possible to assemble the pieces of this drug combo on your own. However, it's stupid. It's dangerous and won't help you if you don't change your eating habits.

7. Green Tea

Green tea is commonly drunk in various bodybuilding fat loss regimes. This actually has good evidence to support it; green tea is an effective weight loss supplement, and not just for its caffeine.

However, to really see the benefits you must eat in moderation. But it will shave a few calories here and there, which is important for bodybuilding and fat loss if you're hell-bent on getting every edge before a competition.

You can also take green tea extract pills. These are a handy way to take a given amount of green tea extract, but are expensive. For myself, it's easier and more fun to just drink green tea.

Using These Bodybuilding Fat Loss Techniques…

Those bodybuilding fat loss techniques can be very helpful. But, like everything in life, they aren't magic.

I really encourage you to look at your eating habits, and how much you eat, if you truly want to get ripped. These tips work, but you'll have to fit them into how you eat and live.

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