The Best Creatine Supplement:
A Shortcut For Your Muscles

OK, so what is the best creatine supplement? The one that makes all others look pale by comparison, and that will give you stronger muscles than any other?

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Creatine Is Creatine Is Creatine!

Creatine (C4H9N3O2) is just one substance, one molecule. There are no different permutations for building your muscles better or worse; all creatines are equal. As long as it's creatine, it will work for you.

But many creatine supplements are not just creatine. They include caffeine to give you a burst of energy, ginseng to allegedly boost your chi and give you power, and other substances which may or may not also help you.

Simply, they aren't creatine. Caffeine can have many beneficial effects, and some other substances can as well, but they (1) are different from creatine and (2) when combined with creatine will muck with your calculations because you may not know how much of the 'creatine' that you're taking is actually creatine.

If you know how to take creatine the right way, then you know that you calculate your dosage based on bodyweight. And it's hard to get that dosage right if the supplement you're taking isn't precise.

So, The Best Creatine Supplement Is…

Basically, the best creatine supplement is the one that (1) is pure creatine, for ease of calculating your dose and building your muscles, and (2) is cheapest. That's it.

I recommend the 2.2 lb container of Creatine Monohydrate at Amazon. While researching it on Amazon I found that it was the cheapest creatine supplement by weight (US $0.55 per oz.) and that it was reputable (a.k.a. is produced by a reputable company, is pure creatine, and has good reviews so you know it is what the company says it is).

And it's the one I use.

Check it out and see for yourself. And, if you need some, buy it. It will really help your muscle building. And if you find a cheaper one, please drop me a line ;-)

If you go researching creatine supplements on Amazon, be aware that their price-per-oz calculations for the creatine supplements many times are not accurate. I don't know why this is; but if you do the math, their price-per-oz calculation usually ends up being slightly below the list price they ask you to pay.

Find the best deal you can. And get your muscles stronger.

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