How to Increase Explosive Speed?

by No Name

I play football and want to get faster. Other than plyometrics, what types of weight training will give me explosive speed?

Aaron's Reply...

Good question! First off, what movements do you want to be faster & more explosive? Explosive skills training seems like it would be right for you to work on each of these movements.

Focus on the one movement you want to improve and do it with some kind of resistance, weights in this case. For an example, I'll look at sprinting while holding a football.

First practice that movement into the sprint with weights, either a backpack or (less stress on the knees) carrying a heavy dumbbell. After 7-12 times with weight, practice that movement 15-20 times WITHOUT weight, focusing on speed.

You'll be moving faster when you aren't carrying the weight, and be training your body to perform at that increased level of speed normally.

You can also add some general explosive lifts to your routine like the clean & press, jump squats while holding dumbbells, or even just clapping push-ups.

Hope this helps!

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How to Increase Explosive Speed? NEW
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Jun 19, 2015
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