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Starting Strong, Issue #012 -, About Your Core Strength Training...
November 06, 2010

Core strength training is important to pay attention to. Your arms you can show off easily, same with a muscled chest, but a strong core isn't quite as overtly sexy.

Check out the article on what core strength training is, and build up that trunk of your body.

In extreme situations, the entire universe becomes our foe; at such critical times, unity of mind and technique is essential - do not let your heart waver!

~ Ueshiba Morihei

Table of Contents

1) Reliable Kettlebell Review and Evaluations

2) Russian Flexibility Breakthroughs and Techniques

3) The Grip Strength Test - Ways To Measure Your Grip

4) Top Submission: GoFit, 15 lb. and Vinyl Coating Kettlebell Review - Great Workout

5) SELECT ARTICLE- What Is Core Strength Training?

1) Reliable Kettlebell Review and Evaluations

Kettlebell review info from other visitors who've bought kettlebells. Likes, dislikes, and honest critiques of different brands.

2) Russian Flexibility Breakthroughs and Techniques

Learn a few Russian flexibility exercises, what makes Russian stretching info so special, and where and how to get more info about this little known method for increasing flexibility.

3) The Grip Strength Test - Ways To Measure Your Grip

Several different, simple ways to do an accurate grip strength test.

4) Top Submission: GoFit, 15 lb. and Vinyl Coating Kettlebell Review - Great Workout

I really enjoy using the kettlebell. I do prefer this brand because the handle is wide enough to accommodate both hands while doing the double-handed swing.

5) What is Core Strength Training?

First off, lets get to know what your core is. Then we'll start working on strengthening it.

'Core' is not an anatomical word, and refers roughly to your abdominal area. Your 4 abdominal muscles are part of your core, as well as the surrounding muscles in your back, and sometimes even the hip flexors are included.

What's important is that your cores the trunk of your body, and it's the primary part that stabilizes you.

When someone pushes on your shoulder and you're off balance, it's because the trunk of your body couldn't counter that pushing force.

And that's the core of your body. Failing.

Most full body lifts work the trunk of your body. You can't push a barbell loaded with weight above your head if you're wobbling all around - you naturally stabilize yourself and get a core workout. This is true for the barbell squat, front squat, kettlebell swing, clean and press, the snatch, etc.

So you'll probably have all the core strength you need if you're doing good, solid lifts. But there are some ways to give yourself an extra edge…

Any ab workout will automatically target your core. It may not give you the stability benefits (such as workouts to make your abs sexy), but it will strengthen your core.

Alternatives are anything that forces you to balance. Doing a dumbbell bench press while lying on a stability ball, work with medicine balls, or any time you're working with weight on an uneven/unbalanced surface will be a core workout.

Core strength allows you to transfer force from you lower body into your upper body, and vice versa. It's incredibly important for sports, all kinds of exercise, and just staying balanced as you live your life.

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