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Starting Strong, Issue #001 -, How About Getting Those Six Pack Abs!
October 05, 2009

It's been busy over here at www.Complete-Strength-Training.Com. I've addad a ton of new content to the site, and started running regularly again. It feels great. It's just getting into October and it's crisp & clear during the day, awesome weather to go out and run in!

In this issue I've focused on the new wing I've added to the site about six pack abs. If you've ever wanted washboard abs, here's all the info you need to get them.

There are strength training programs, diet and food plans, and even info on how to measure your body-fat percentage. You can keep track of your progress and get that six pack.

Also, since this is the first issue of the Starting Strong e-zine, the exclusive article I've included is How To Start Strength Training! It gives you a plan for going back to the gym, working out, and making it fun this time! Check it all out...

Table of Contents

1) 10 Tips For Ripped Abs

2) The Six Pack Workout

3) The Six Pack Abs Diet - Part 1

4) The Six Pack Diet - Part 2

5) Six Pack Stomach: Running to Burn the Fat Off

6) On Track for Washboard Abs!


7) SELECT ARTICLE-How To Start Strength Training!

1) 10 Tips For Ripped Abs

These tips for a rock solid core will get you started in the right direction. Know everything about what you're trying to do.

Simply, it's all the ingredients in the recipe to make your own washboard abs from scratch. Check it out!

2) The Six Pack Workout

You want to build up your abs? Here's your workout! This plan is all about exercising to get your very own six pack.

The workout includes normal weight lifting, ab work, and running. These work together to make you look more cut and build your abs into a mountain range!

3) The Six Pack Abs Diet - Part 1

Without eating the right foods in the right amounts, you'll never see you six pack abs. They'll remain buried under that unflattering tummy fat.

But, if you eat good foods you'll see those ripped abs soon. This articles shows you what kind of well-balanced diet you need.

4) The Six Pack Diet - Part 2

This is the second part of the six pack diet article. It's more specific info about calorie counting and how much to eat.

Even if you eat carrots and fish all day long you can still get fat, even though those foods are healthy. Watch the amount of calories you eat and simply balance it with the number should be eating to keep active.

5) Running to Burn the Fat Off

Once you've started eating right, you gotta work on burning off the fat you already have. And running is a great form of cardio to do it!

You can run almost anywhere, and anyone can do it. It's the perfect cardio exercise for dropping your belly fat.

6) On Track for Washboard Abs!

Feedback is vital to getting anything done in life. For six pack abs, this is doubly true. You MUST know if your plan is working.

This article tells you how to keep track of your body-fat percentage by the week. That way, you can see the progress you're making and stay focused and motivated.

7) How To Start Strength Training!

Getting up and beginning a gym workout can be brutal. You feel out of shape, and it's just easier to put off going to the gym till tomorrow, or maybe the next day...

But you need just need to start going. And here's how to start - these tips will make it way easier to go, and FUN to start exercising.

The main thing to remember is that for the first week or two going to the gym isn't really about building great strength. It's about building the enjoyable habit of going to the gym, which leads to great strength.

Before You Go to the Gym

Buy athletic or lifting shoes and shorts. Nothing overly fancy, but enough to protect you and make you look like you belong in a gym. And looking like you belong in the gym will make you feel like you belong there, too.

Have a workout plan before you go. I cannot stress this enough, you need to know what you'll be doing when you get there. Here's a basic one to get you going.

Otherwise you'll probably feel a bit lost. With your plan, also have...

A log book, log sheet, workout journal, or a talking parrot with a really good memory. Recording the weight you lift is vital for seeing steady improvement.

Allow extra time that first day. Going to a new gym, or to the gym for the first time, will take a little longer than you think.

At The Gym

Enjoy it! Chat and make friends with the staff. You'll be going there regularly, so make it a place where people know your name and you feel welcome right from the get-go.

Stick to the workout plan you made earlier.

Go at times when there aren't a lot of people there. This will make the gym experience less intimidating if you don't have to watch people in way better shape than you lift scarily huge weights.

Going at noon times, later in the evenings, and/or doing a Tue./Thu./Sat. lifting schedule will give you a less crowded gym to workout in.

Keep your workout to about 45 minutes, an hour tops. This maximized testosterone production, and I know I work out more efficiently when I have a time limit.

Do a 5 minute jog or run on a treadmill to warm up, and some stretches to cool down at the end. This'll lessen the chance of injury.

Remember, don't lift too enthusiastically the first time. You don't want to hurt yourself on the first day and you'll be going to the gym regularly, so no need to be epic.

A regular schedule is far stronger than overabundant enthusiasm for one day.

After The Gym

Drink lots of water and have some lean protean to help rebuild your muscles.

Smile on the way out. You are victorious!

Starting Strong brings you the latest additions to Complete-Strength-Training.Com & select articles about how to get STRONG.

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