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Starting Strong, Issue #020 -, Strength Training Travel Tips!
September 17, 2011

It's September, and that means we're moving towards wintertime. Or at least I am - it's hard to get motivated to jump out of my nice warm bed in the morning to workout.

But, I still get up ;-)

Here are some great articles about eating paleo style, as well as tips for strength training when you travel. And I'm still working on new books for you guys - I want them to be all squeaky clean and perfect when I release them!

Onward. And upward. Lets go!

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.

~ 'The Greatest Adventure' from The Hobbit Film

Table of Contents

1) Paleolithic Nutrition Straight Talk - Part 1 -

2) Paleo Food Straight Talk - Part 2 -

3) SELECT ARTICLE- Strength Training Travel Tips!

1) Paleolithic Nutrition Straight Talk - Part 1 -

Want the low-down on the paleolithic diet? Here's the logic behind it - and why so many people like it.

2) Paleo Food Straight Talk - Part 2 -

More real info about paleo. Here're explicit instructions on how to eat paleo style, how it can work for losing weight, and... why it might not work for you.

3) Strength Training Travel Tips!

Travel can really throw a wrench into the works for your workouts. It can - But it doesn't have to.

Since I've been traveling for the last month, here are some of the insights I've gleaned while abroad...

Use Intense Body-Weight Lifts

Body-weight lifts are great because you need no equipment. And really, that's a huge bonus since you don't need to bring anything.

Use your traveling as a chance to do more push ups than usual, or to work your way toward one arm push ups.


I stick to the basics. One light, easily washable and dry-able workout shirt, shorts, and underwear set. Oh, and my running shoes and 1 - 2 pairs of athletic socks.

That's it. Nothing fancy, and you can cram them in your backpack at the last minute if you have to.

But there's some equipment that you don't need to take with you...

Parks, Climbing Structures, and Jungle Gyms

Thankfully, most places these days have governments that want children to play outside. So take advantage of this, scare the kids away, and use climbing structures on your travels.

In most first world countries, you can locate a park with some sort of climbing apparatus by taking a walk or run around wherever you're staying. Or ask the locals, your friends, or the concierge.

Go to these places earlier in the morning for your workout. Do pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, or whatever strikes your fancy.

NOTE: If you go in the afternoon the place will probably be clogged with kids 'playing', of all things! So try to get your workout in during the morning.

Plan For Your Needs

This is simple, but just remember to do it. Spend a little time before you go to check about gym(s) if you want them, thinking about what your exercises will be, and how you'll stick to your diet (if you're on one).

This will prevent you from stressing about in on the plane or while in the car (when it's too late), and will get you used to any limitations you might have.

Focus on Travel, Not On Making Progress

Unless you're traveling for a lifting meet, focus on your trip and not your exercise. You can build strength while traveling, but don't stress about whether or not you add as much as you can every workout.

You're traveling to enjoy yourself. So, enjoy yourself.

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