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Starting Strong, Issue #021 -, Stuck In A Rut? Change Your Workouts...
October 24, 2011

Here come the chills of October, and the scary season of Halloween in the US. My workouts are now pretty much confined to the gym, as outside is much colder and rainier. But that makes me feel extra good when I get there to workout!

First… I've added two new pages, where you can apply for personal coaching or donate to Complete Strength Training's espresso fund! My supply of espresso is directly related to how much I write, so supporting that fund will help support this site.

Also, next Friday, November 4, I'll be releasing the 5 Day Beginner Weight Training Course. This 5 day e-mail course and pdf will give someone with no experience exercising all the info they need to immediately start weight training, safely and effectively - and without a lot of the B.S. that most beginners have to sort through. It will be sold for $7.95, and will give anyone who's interested a excellent foundation of exercise info.

And next month, keep an eye out for The Complete Guide to How to Get Abs! There's a lot of exciting stuff just coming to completion at CST, and you have a ringside seat.

Every man is the builder of a Temple called his body,
nor can he get off by hammering marble instead.
~Henry David Thoreau

Table of Contents

1) Donate to CST's Research and Espresso Fund

2) Your Personal Online Fitness Coach

3) Top Submission: My Workout Made Me More Skinny!

4) Top Submission: Supplements to Take?

5) SELECT ARTICLE- Starting New Exercises and Workouts

1) Donate to CST's Research and Espresso Fund

Support the research and espresso that keeps Complete Strength Training going!

2) Your Personal Online Fitness Coach

Aaron McCloud of Complete Strength Training: your personal online fitness coach.

3) Top Submission: My Workout Made Me More Skinny!

I started working out in hopes that I would get bigger, yet it turned out I look more skinny! What am I doing wrong? Aaron's Answer… Well, there are...

4) Top Submission: Supplements to Take?

I bought these four supplements. I would like to learn how I should use them to maximize their potential in helping me build a better body. Kre-ALKALYN...

5) Starting New Exercises and Workouts!

Here's a primer about trying new things instead of your regular workouts. I've been changing my exercises and lifts up lately in my own routine, so here are some of the things that have occurred to me...

1. When You Just Don't Want To Workout…

…that's the signal to try something new. When I start dreading going to the gym, I know I have to switch things up and start adding new stuff.

It's easy to be fooled into thinking that you're gotten bored with exercise and/or working out itself. But that's not the case - it's just what you've been doing recently that's bored you.

Find something new!

2. Do Stupid Things

…and see how they go.

Not too stupid, but silly things that you might not normally do. Like climbing, or trying a new sport with a friend, or exhausting yourself by doing all your exercises in a row to make a giant super-set!

This isn't strictly 'textbook' stuff for getting stronger, but it will show you where your weak spots are. And you might just find a new activity that you really like.

It's also fun to change your workout location. I went to the park recently, and did my workout there - and got looks of awe, curiosity, contempt, and guilt. The contempt was from some parents, who thought I should not be using the jungle gym bars for pull-ups. This is a silly age we live in...

3. Body Weight Exercises and Kettlebells

These are always fun to add in different places. And I keep overlooking their usefulness in my recent workouts - I'm addicted to barbells!

Push-ups can go anywhere, though especially after the bench press, shoulder press, or clean and press. They'll just take that pressing movement and completely exhaust it.

And if you think you're doing good with squats, throw some heavy kettlebell swings in at the end. That little bit of inspiration made my next day especially painful.

4. Track Yourself, But Do Complimentary Stuff

I am a big believer in tracking yourself to make sure you're progressing. But changing your routine screws that up.

Try to keep your recording somewhat productive by doing complimentary exercises. Switching from a standing barbell shoulder press to a barbell clean and press can do this, or just working with a kettlebell instead of a barbell.

Or pushups instead of the bench press. Or dragging a tire instead of, um,… other stuff. OK, I haven't figured out exactly how tires fit in, but I bet you can record them somewhere to show how you're progressing.

You can change up your routine and still get a sense about whether or not you're getting stronger. Which is important long term, and I always like knowing that I'm doing better than I was a few weeks ago.

So, get out there and try some new stuff!

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