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Starting Strong, Issue #011 -, Some New and Effective Ideas...
October 12, 2010

Think & exercise creatively this month. Workout a new muscle group, lift something new, try a new workout routine, whatever. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and become lethargic. Take a look at the article on creative strength training below for ideas.

And for motivation, here's a quote from the martial artist Yukiyoshi Sagawa. Though not well known, he cultivated a level of strength for his martial arts practice that was truly awe-inspiring. When he was 83 years old just the push-up component of his solo training regime was 1,300 push-ups a day!

"No matter how much you study and develop, it's never enough. As soon as you think you're good enough, you'll hit a dead end."
~ Yukiyoshi Sagawa, from Transparent Power by Tatsuo Kimura

Table of Contents

1) 140+ Fun Ways To Exercise!

2) How To Strengthen Connective Tissue

3) The Mental Benefits of Exercise

4) SELECT ARTICLE- Creative Strength Training Exercises

1) 140+ Fun Ways To Exercise!

Here are tons of fun ways to exercise. Get exited and have fun exercising!

2) How To Strengthen Connective Tissue

Learn what connective tissue is, the best ways to strengthen connective tissue, and how the body goes about building it up.

3) The Mental Benefits of Exercise

Learn the mental benefits of exercise - the best exercise for making your mind sharper, get more from your exercise and get motivated to workout.

4) Creative Strength Training Exercises

Without coming up with new exercises your strength training program can die a slow death. Boredom can kill your motivation to workout & keep you from doing your best. So, try...

◆ Lifting Odd Things

Been lifting dumbbells or barbells? Try lifting rocks and stones. Or sandbags. Getting a rope and pulling your car for a leg workout. Get a lump of wood or small tree trunk and try carrying that for as long as you can. Try carrying an anvil. Carry a stack of bricks as far as you can.

There are tons of heavy things all around you. You just don't look at them from a weight lifting perspective. Start asking yourself what you can manhandle around that you already own.

You can cheaply buy a sandbag or cut down a small tree to lug around. Heck, even duffle-bags filled with junk or sand can do an awesome job. Just look around and try something new.

◆ Focusing on a Different Muscle Group

Been working your whole body? Try intensely working your grip for a few weeks. Or focus on your legs and just do tons of squats, swings, and jump squats. Maybe try working out your neck, like old time wrestlers used to.

Focusing on a different muscle group is something new. You can learn about different kinds of workouts, exercises, and get sore in new and painful ways.

◆ Training at a Different Place, Time, or With Different People

Training at a new place will bring your exercise into focus. If you've been working out at weird hours in the gym, try going around 5 - 6 PM Mon-Wed-Fri to see how your effort stacks up against the seasoned gym-rats.

Or try working out in the morning if you're a night owl. And working out with different people will make you feel awesomely strong (if it's a beginner), or give your something to shoot for if it's someone more advanced.

Basically, find some way of mixing things up. It really isn't that hard.

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Train hard, do your best, & see you next month!


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