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Starting Strong, Special Issue #019 -, NEW Strength Tips and Books
August 20, 2011

It's already into August, and I hope you've been working out hard! I've been doing a lot of push ups, single leg squats, and sprinting since I'm traveling and don't have access to a gym.

…All in 90 degree weather with 90-100% humidity! Words to the wise: Tokyo in August makes for brutal workouts!

I'm working on several new e-books at the moment. The one closest to completion is a guide to six pack abs, and I'm also working on a beginners strength training e-course to help people get started with the most essential info here at Complete Strength Training.

If you have any ideas for what I should write about next, or what content you'd like to know more about - TELL ME! Just reply to this e-mail.

Also, go over and 'Like' CST's Facebook page and subscribe to CST's Twitter account if you haven't already.

Other than that check out the article this month, 8 Tips For Strength Training, and then head to the gym. Keep training hard!

Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies.
~ Frank Gillette Burgess

Table of Contents

1) How To Start Exercising: What You Need To Know

2) Starting Strong E-zine and Free Nutrition E-Book!

3) Top Submission: Bench Pressing

4) SELECT ARTICLE- 8 Tips For Strength Training

1) How To Start Exercising: What You Need To Know

Wondering how to start exercising? Follow this handy guide to get started on the right foot.

2) Starting Strong E-zine and Free Nutrition E-Book!

Want to stay current with what's new here? How about free strength training tips for beginners and articles hand-delivered to your inbox? Say no more, the answer is here...

3) Bench Pressing

How exactly do I increase my bench press weight? I weigh 165 pounds and I'm 5'10'' and I've been working out consistently for about one year straight.

4) 8 Tips For Strength Training

1. Get Up Early

Seriously, get up early and workout. It's a pain in the ass at first, but you'll grow to like it.

Also, it gets your exercise out of the way for the day. No need to feel guilty or try to jam your workout in when it's dark - you already did it!

2. Gauge Your Progress by Soreness and Results

Results should be the number one factor in determining your success. But I think soreness helps.

First, getting sore tells you that you did a good workout and did enough damage to your muscles. It's a great non-verbal reminder for the next few days that you did a great job working out.

3. Recover

Sleep. And eat.

Without these, you will find it really hard to make progress. Sleep seems like wasted time (for me at least, when I'm really working hard) but it's vitally important.

Sleep, particularly deep REM sleep, is when your body releases growth hormone. So to grow more muscles and make them stronger, you need sleep.

And the eating? Your muscles are made of food - the raw protein that you eat - so you need to eat that food!

Not a ton extra - it's easy to gain a lot of fat along with more muscle. But enough healthy food to fuel your workouts.

4. Do Fun Stuff - Even If You Don't Record It

Make your workouts fun. Do olympic lifts, try out kettlebells, sprint, split wood for a day - something fun and different!

Keep your training log and your fun stuff separate. Track your regular workouts to see that you're improving, and then do fun stuff whenever you feel like it and the situation arises.

5. Build Strength For A Reason

Need strength for a sport or hobby? Great?

Want big muscles to look good? Great!

Want to lift weight because it's fun? Great!

Want to build strength because… you kinda want to, but not really… and you don't really like it…?

Strength training isn't for everybody. But it gets even better when you have a definite reason to build strength. Take sports, for an example: as you get stronger you perform better, and other people will notice. You'll feel better about how you're doing, and probably get compliments!

6. Never Underestimate Insane Dedication and Will

To get really strong, great workout plans help. And eating right and getting enough sleep will make you gain strength faster.

But if you are dedicated and have a burning, insane desire - that's the best thing. It will make you find the best workout plans, diets, and information. Even if you don't have the absolute *perfect* plan in the beginning, you will get there.

7. Make Yourself Uncomfortable Sometimes

Comfort is overrated. You learn a lot about yourself when you are under stress and have to deal with new things - new training partners, people, lifts, workouts, etc.

I know it's comfy in your comfort zone. The iron and sweat is nice and has that snuggly, content feel.

But break it up with new stuff every once in a while!

8. Get Friends Who Support You

This is probably the most important factor for strength training long-term. If you have friends that are also into exercise and eating healthy, even if it's not exactly your brand of weight lifting, you'll do well.

If your friends sabotage you, pull you down, and just want to sit around drink beers - that will have an effect on you to. You have some pull in your social group, but don't underestimate how much you are affected by your friends.

And if you don't have the *right* friends?

Don't try to change the people you already know - they'll hate you for it, and it probably won't work. Instead, make new friends who like strength training, weight lifting, and exercise.

You meet new people, nobody has to change, and you get the supportive social structure you want. Everybody wins!

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