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Starting Strong, Issue #010 -, Lets See What Strength Really Is...
September 09, 2010

Keep your workouts going strong as the cold winds of September blow through. We've got a few articles on how to go about flexibility training, as well as one on how to cure tennis elbow - a subject dear to my heart, since I had horrible tennis elbow 3 years ago.

I also reviewed The Truth About Six Pack Abs e-book by Mike Geary, which presents a surprisingly thorough method of getting six pack abs. I'm using his ab workout routine myself right now.

As ever, onward and upward - and good luck with your training!

Table of Contents

1) How To Treat Tennis Elbow - Part 1

2) Do Stretches Before Exercise Work?

3) The Physiology of Flexibility: Why You're Flexible (Or Not)

4) SELECT ARTICLE- Push Up Training Essentials

1) How To Treat Tennis Elbow - Part 1

Info about how to treat tennis elbow. Many treatments (rest and ice, trigger points, etc.) can be tried for free at home before the need for more expensive surgery and clinical work.

2) Do Stretches Before Exercise Work?

Will stretches before exercise really lessen your chance of injury, and make your sore muscles less painful the day after? Find the answers here.

3) The Physiology of Flexibility: Why You're Flexible (Or Not)

What is the physiology of flexibility? Why are some people more flexible than others? Find out here!

4) Push Up Training Essentials

Keep these ideas in the front of your mind when doing push ups. Push ups are a great basic exercise, and they encapsulate the philosophy of strength training quite well.


1. Function & Form Dovetail Perfectly

Form gives you the possibility to build strength and not injuries. Function, the actual push ups, build that strength. Only together do they work.

Fortunately, the form is pretty easy in this case ;-) Maintaining it as you workout is hard, but just keep you body in one line and you'll be fine.

And as long as you have the form, keep going. Don't stop with less than you can do.

2. You've Got No Excuses - Do Them Anywhere!

No equipment, no fancy routines, no secret formulas. Just hard work.

And that is the secret. Hard work.

You can do push ups anywhere, anytime, and there's no good reason not to.

Think you're too strong for normal push ups? Work on one-arm push ups. If you can't do regular ones, start on your knees and work up to the regular ones. There's no reason to give up.

3. The Number Of Times You Get Up Are All That Count

Strength training isn't about the number of times you fall down. Or the obstacles you face. Or those times when you slack off training.

The points when you just fall down.

It's about pushing yourself back up. Many, many things in life will push you down.

Always push back up!

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