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Starting Strong, Issue #006 -, How I Test & Use Different Ab Exercises
March 16, 2010

Hey again! I've been hard at work over here at CST, writing new content of course ;-) Frankly, I've been busy exercising and working on my own projects as well, but the new stuff to read is good.

I've been filling out the info on core exercises and adding some more articles on how to get six pack abs. I've added tons more exercises you can try out and add to your routine.

For fun I've been reading Spiritual Journey of Joseph L. Greenstein: The Mighty Atom By Ed Spielman. Even if you don't intend to become a strongman, this book is truly inspirational. Reading about a 5'4" man who advocates a vegetarian diet, tears horseshoes with his bare hands, beats up nazis, and tethers planes to his hair (yes, really!) in the early 1900s... It's just incredible. The book's hard to find these days, but read it if you can get ahold of it.

Get that fire burning inside to keep getting stronger. Onward, upward, and forward is the only way to go. The place is here, and the time is now...

Table of Contents

1) Core Muscle Exercise Essentials

2) The Female Six Pack Abs Advice You Need

3) Effective Core Muscle Exercises

4) The Six Pack Teen

5) Strength Training Over Age 50

6) The 6 Best Ab Exercises Around

7) Top Submission: Weight Training Bit by Bit

8) Top Submission: Jogging

9) SELECT ARTICLE- Different Ab Exercises: Guidelines For Changing up Your Program

1) Core Muscle Exercise Essentials

What your core muscles are, how to make it stronger, and core muscle exercise info and moves to build your stronger core!

2) The Female Six Pack Abs Advice You Need

This female six pack abs info tells you about the few workout differences for women getting a six pack, and the fastest way to get you abs showing in the gym.

3) Effective Core Muscle Exercises

Check out these core muscle exercises! Efficient and simple exercises to build a strong, stable, and powerful core.

4) The Six Pack Teen

So you wanna become that six pack teen that everybody envies? This plan outlines the unique challenges, and advantages, of working-out to get a six pack in your teens.

5) Strength Training Over Age 50

Learn the essential information for strength training over age 50 safely, as well as how to get the most out of your training. No, you're not over the hill!

6) The 6 Best Ab Exercises Around

With these 6 best ab exercises you can make your own killer ab workout, of just add them to your normal routine. Make your abs strong and powerful.

7) Top Submission: Weight Training Bit by Bit

Growing up, I never considered myself athletically inclined: I didn't enjoy playing sports or running around outside much, and I wasn't strong or at all...

8) Top Submission: Jogging

I, like many people, find myself attracted to cardio & irony - as is the case with my preference for jogging. I never go without my albuterol at my side...

9) Different Ab Exercises: Guidelines For Changing up Your Program

Using different ab exercises from time to time can relive monotony and get you stronger. Or, if you change programs too often, keep you always going in different directions and not making progress.

These guidelines tell you when & how to switch up your training routine...

How Sore Are You Getting?

Simply, are your exercises still working? If you're still getting sore and doing 20 - 30 sit-ups or crunches, there's no reason to change things up.

When your exercises aren't getting your sore, when you're having to do 40 - 50 reps to get sore again and feel that burn, that's the time to switch things up. When you've functionally gotten significantly stronger, then add more difficult exercises.

What Results Do You Want?

Do you want to just keep making progress to get stronger? OK, move things up. Involved in sports & want to move things up to the next level? By all means, make things tougher.

BUT, what if you're fine where you are? You don't need any more ab strength and you have little desire to get appreciatively stronger? What if you want to concentrate on building your bench press?

My point is, don't waste time doing things you aren't committed to. If you want to focus on getting better at one lift, focus on that lift: Focus your energy where you will see its results the most.

If you're fine with your workout as is, a stable weekend warrior, maybe you don't need to improve ab strength now. Just taste that idea for a minute, and see how it tastes.

But, you're reading how to use different ab exercises & mix up your routine. So, since you're still reading and committed, head on!

What Exercises Can You Safely and Easily Include in Your Routine?

it's great to do crunches on an exercise ball, but 'just-one-more-thing-to-do' if you don't have the ball. Also, if you've got a bad back, then reverse crunches aren't for you.

My point? Find something that will dovetail with your existing routine. It'll be easier to do and stay committed with if it links up nicely. But if it involves fancy, expensive, and/or ungainly ab machines that take effort to unpack and use...

Face it, you're just not gonna do it.

If you do chin-ups, introduce hanging knee raises. Add exercises that will be easy to add so you can't procrastinate them!

Find Exercises That do What You Want

If you want ripped abs, change your diet and get harder hitting exercises for you midsection. An 8 pack? Exercises that hit the lower abs. If you need ab strength for wrestling, jujutsu, or some other grappling then work with exercises similar to the movements that you want to improve.

Try these different ab exercises to see if they hit the spot. If not, make up your own or look for some others. There's a whole wide world of great exercises to build killer abs; try them out!

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